The hikes

From Les Dix Sens:

High mountain pasture (alpage) of Noveli

Count 1h30 to reach this deserted high mountain pasture overhanging "Les Dix Sens". The trail doesn't present any major difficulties but the slope is rough. A few itineries are available. We recommend to go up thru Tsipis and to come back by the alpage of Méribé.

Meina Pass
This rather deserted pass stands at an altitude of 2702 meters. Schedule 3 intense hours of climbing. The pass is above the high mountain pasture of Noveli. From here, you will enjoy a wonderful sight over the Lac des Dix.
Mayens of Méribé
Within thirty minutes, you will reach this busy high mountain pasture by an easy and charming trail which follows the river, the Dixence.
High mountain pasture of Allèves

You will need 1h30 of climbing to get to this alpage situated on the trail of the pedestrian race Thyon-Dixence.

Essertze hut
You can combine the car and the walk to reach these ancients alpage chalets, recently renovated with a good taste. The hut lies on the pedestrian trail linking Thyon 2000 to the Grande-Dixence.
Dixence dam
1h40 of moderated efforts are enough to get to the foot of the highest dam in Europe. You can then reach the top of the dam by walk or by cablecar.
High pasture of Mandelon

You will need roughly 2 hours to go up to this high mountain pasture situated at the entrance of the Val des Dix. The view is splendid over the plain of the Rhône.

From the Grande-Dixence dam:

The Lac des Dix
The stroll along the lake is easy. The relatively flat path follows banks in the middle of paturages. Marmots abound, piercing the silence by their ceaseless whistlings.
The hut des Dix
Since the extremity of the lake, the path climbs through the moraine up to this famous hut splendidly situated on an edge in the middle of the glacier.
The Prafleuri hut
This hut (2624m) recently renewed constitutes a relatively easy stroll in a perpendicular valley on the lake. During our last passage, chamois abounded around.
The pass des Roux
Peaking at a 2804 metre height, the pass allows to join the lac des Dix from the hut of Prafleuri. Although the climb is a little bit rough, you will have certainly the chance to meet ibexes.

In the Val d'Hérens:

Numerous routes cross the valley, according to the bisses. But we recommend you the valley of the Borgne.